Fruit And Vegetables

orange The Fruit and Vegetable Division of the Texas Cooperative Inspection Program is headquartered in Alamo, Texas, which is located in the Rio Grande Valley, approximately five miles east of McAllen.

This division is responsible for all fruit and vegetable shipping point inspections conducted statewide as well as some terminal market inspections. It also inspects produce imported through Mexico.

To request an inspection of fruit or vegetables, contact the Director of the Fruit and Vegetable Division.


Fruit and Vegetable Division

Russell Beamsley
Director Peanut and Tree Nut Division
P.O. Box 386
Gorman, Texas 76454
Phone: 254-734-3006
Fax: 254-734-3009
Manuel Saldivar
Regional Director Fruit and Vegetable Division
P.O. Box 107
San Juan, Texas 78589
Phone: 956-787-4091
Fax: 956-783-0479