peanuts The inspection of peanuts and tree nuts is the responsibility of the Texas Cooperative Inspection Program's Peanut & Tree Nut Division located in Gorman, Texas, approximately 30 miles southwest of Stephenville in North Central Texas.

Peanut inspectors are the busiest during harvest which begins in August in South Texas and reaches its peak in October and November in the remainder of the state. Texas produces over 400,000 tons of peanuts annually, making it the second-largest peanut producing state nationally.

To request an inspection of peanuts or tree nuts, contact the Director of the Peanut Division.


Peanut and Tree Nut Division

Russell Beamsley
Director Peanut and Tree Nut Division
P.O. Box 386
Gorman, Texas 76454
Phone: 254-734-3006
Fax: 254-734-3009
David Gray
Regional Director
P.O. Box 368
Gorman, Texas 76454